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for the love of letters

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for letters — handwritten letters, mailed letters, cursive letters, stationery, cards, fonts, etc. Whether writing a note to a friend, filling out forms or jotting down a to-do list, I’ve always felt that all lettering deserves to look beautiful. There’s something about the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into handwriting that makes it an art for me.

While I have been filling notebooks full of different styles of hand lettering my whole life, it wasn’t until I did the calligraphy for my own wedding in 2015 that I started this venture. Whether you’re planning a wedding, event or holiday mailing, handwritten calligraphy is the perfect personal touch to send just the message you want.

- Kristen Broeder

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I'm a creative writer and designer living, working and playing 

in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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